Here’s How You Can Avoid Clothes from Creasing

Here’s How You Can Avoid Clothes from Creasing 1

Once you put on your favorite dress, it seems hard to avoid clothes from creasing especially when there is a special event you need to attend. Creasing is something that gets in the way and one finds it almost impossible to get rid of. Ironing is the key to avoid creasing, so is good laundry skills but what must a person do to keep the crease away after wearing the clothes?

Following are some tips that can help your clothes last longer if you have an important meeting coming up.

Wrinkle-resistant Clothes

Believe it or not but your choice of fabric can also avoid clothes from creasing. For instance, if you are going for cotton clothes only, the chances of getting crease will be more. However, if you are opting for a mixed synthetic fabric then your clothes are going to stay all ironed up for long. Look for shirts that have 50% polyester and 50% cotton. You can easily find such clothes on any authentic online retailer like Macys, which is currently offering 30% off. Use the Macys coupon code: FRIEND whilst purchasing synthetic fabric clothes and get discount on your total bill.

Choose the Right Size

This may sound a bit surprising but choosing a right size is also crucial. It is because if you are wearing something that is not your size, there are chances that your clothes will crease more than usual. If you have a trouser that is oversized, baggy, it will end up with wrinkles. If it is too tight, another sort of wrinkles will appear on your clothes that stays even after washing the clothes.

Wrinkle-Free Spray

Wrinkle releasing sprays are not always very much effective but they do have some hand in keeping the clothes wrinkle free for a little span of time. These sprays will be helpful if you are wearing something that is less prone to wrinkles.

Iron Wisely

Ironing is also an important step in keeping the clothes good and healthy. Getting the right fabric and ironing it properly will lessen the chances of wrinkles and avoid clothes from creasing.

So the next time you head out to some important event or meeting, make sure you follow the aforementioned steps to keep your clothes fresh looking and flawless.

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