Last-Minute Shenanigans: Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Shenanigans: Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas 1

Recently we all have been surprised big time by our favorite Santa Clause but a lot of us are still on the lookout for easy DIY Christmas gift ideas. The reason being the fact that some of us could unfortunately did not get the time out to actually buy something for our loved one. That is totally okay only when you can try to make up by giving something later. Our advice to you is this: never miss a gift for the little ones and always give them something on the main Christmas day to keep your tiny heart intact. However, if we are dealing with grownups here, then it is at times completely fine to gift them something after the due date of Christmas.

If you ask for our tip, we will suggest you to get a combined gift for both Christmas and New Year for your special someone if you are trying to make it up to them. This is a best way to present your apology by wrapping it around in a wonderful present. Let’s make sure that you could not manage to gift them something only because you were direly busy. When this thing is dealt with, then turn your attention towards our favorite easy DIY Christmas gift ideas. You will notice how much your loved ones are going to appreciate something that is made by you. What you buy from the store can never outdo what you make with your own hands.

So grab a seat and let us take you to a rollercoaster ride of our finest easy DIY Christmas gift ideas. Read on and note down the best ideas that you are going to try.

The Bookshelf

If not many, we do get a chance of being around at least one person who is a nerdy nerd. Who likes to curl up on the couch and read endlessly rather than going out and party. Who appreciates a cup of hot chocolate along side of a window with a nice book in hand. If you know any person like the one we mentioned then we have found just the right thing for you. Find some plastic item like plastic made animals or containers. Paint them and glue them on two rocks and attach these two rocks with a nice and long wood. Your friend can place the books side by side on the wood from one end to the other. You can also skip the wood part and simply give them two painted animals stick to rock.

If this seems like a tough job to you, you can simply look around online and find a bookshelf that you can buy and attach later at home. Since it is end of the year, there are plenty of online stores all ready to sell their remaining stock. If all else fails, search up the favorite genre of your friend and gift them a new book that they have not read before.

Please the Sweet-Tooth

We all have one sweet tooth in the family. Even if you are in a relationship, it so happens that our partner turns out to be someone who craves sweets more than anything. And as much as we get annoyed by this habit, we still love to bring them sweets, candies, and cakes every now and then. Why not this time of the year you make something for them at home?

Thankfully, the internet is filled with innovative cooking ideas that hardly take up anytime. If you are a person who hardly gets a time off from work with a busy schedule running on your back, you can still manage to make hot chocolate fudge delights that are easy to make and yummier in taste. You can also make peppermint bark oreos. All of these recipes are quite hassle free, so do not worry if you are not a great cook. You will still manage to do wonders. Make sure you are going to make the whole thing presentable. If you are throwing this surprise on the New Year’s Eve, decorate the house according. Try out Shindigz, which is an online party suppliers that offers innumerable decorative items in reasonable prices. Get 20% discount on your total purchase with the help of Shindigz coupon code: SPARKLE today.

The Bath Bombs

Each year we welcome some crazy trends and each passing year we bid goodbyes to the older ones. But it seems like the trend of bath bombs are going to stay with us for a while now. Have you heard about them? Even if this is the first time you have stumbled upon such a thing, fret not! It is not something that is hard to get. And trust us, bath bomb works like magic! Nothing feels more satisfying then coming home from a hectic day and taking a bath with some bath bombs in the bath tub. So, to cheer your significant other up, you can make them bath bombs and welcome them home with a hot bath tub.

The ingredients you are going to need include citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and Epsom salt. Apart from these items, if you want to make the bath bombs more presentable then add some color pigments to the whole mixture. Better yet, get some essential stress relieve oils and mix them up with the dry ingredients to make the bath bombs even more amazing.

DIY Phone Case

Just write DIY phone cases and you will get thousands of cool DIY ideas up on the internet. It is because the DIY phone cover thing is the new cool. There is hardly anyone who goes out and specifically buy an expensive phone cover since making it at home becomes so easy and hassle free. All you need is a clear phone case on which you can paint and print the kind of details you desire.

Now considering the choices of the person you are giving gift, make sure you paint or print things on the phone case according to their likes. For instance, you can get their favorite quotes on the phone, you can also add their favorite comic characters or songs’ lyrics at the back. Play with the details as much as you like. If you need interesting ideas, google will be your savior. Look for the things up and pick out the finest idea you can get.

Customized Mugs

Going for customized mugs these days is the easiest thing to do. Just like DIY phone cases have become a thing, customized mugs are also wonderful gifts that you can give them to others as a token of love. If you are giving them to your mom and dad, you can write things like “with love, mama” and other ones on the cup. If you are giving it to someone else whom you know quite well, you can write their favorite movie quote on it. If they are a big fan of FRIENDS you can doll the cup up with a punch line like “You are the Ross to my Rachel”. These tag lines are surely going to bring smile on your person’s face.

Personalized Jewelry

Why we only strict ourselves to making mugs and phone cases when we can also put some extra effort on the jewelry. Cannot afford to give a diamond necklace to your mother? That’s completely fine. Making a necklace out of artificial flowers for your mommy will bring a smile on her face wider than any diamond could buy. If you have not had the time to decorate the house, you can also make some ornaments for the decoration of Christmas tree or for New Year’s Eve and hang them up in your house. Just make sure you bring enough diversity into whatever that you are creating.

Since we are putting so much effort in making things for the people we love, it is utterly important that we wrap these surprises in the most presentable way we can. Fill your love inside the wrapping paper and make your gift look flawless so that the first impression is going to be a lasting one on the hearts of your loved ones. If you have any glorious idea in mind that we can add here, do let us know.

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