Where to enter promo code on toms.com

TOMS Promo Code 2021

Toms has updated their website a bit and customers find it difficult to enter promo code. But actually, it’s now very easy and simple.

Where To Enter Promo Code On toms.com?

Let’s say you are looking for toms promo codes. And you found $20 off code worth using.

Tap on the REVEAL CODE button and it will show you the code. Now on toms website, add your items to cart and click the shopping cart icon in top right of the screen. A popup appears showing cart items and below them an option to enter promo code for toms.com – See screen shot of the popup below.

Where To Enter Promo Code On toms.com?

Click Add Promo Code and then paste the code. Your cart will be updated after your paste code.


Are you looking for more active promotions from Toms.com? Visit our toms promo codes page if you haven’t.

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