Popular High School Homecoming Theme Ideas to Try

High School Homecoming Theme Ideas

Homecoming theme ideas vary from school to school and country to country, which is why picking out the best one is crucial. The theme is important because the whole party revolves around it. How you are going to dress, decorate, and organize the whole show depends solely on what themes you are choosing. Since themes come in all shapes and sizes, we are going to narrow down some of the best homecoming theme ideas that we find interesting. Good homecoming themes are what makes such events memorable.

What Is High School Homecoming?

High School HomecomingIt’s an annual tradition of many schools in the United States. The idea behind is to promote school spirit. Homecoming is usually held in the last quarter of the year ( July or July). High schools, college, and towns come together, more often than not, for a banquet and/ or football game to welcome former alumni and residents.

Here we will look to explore some famous homecoming theme ideas. So how do you describe the best homecoming theme? What are the things that make it so special? How to make the right decision? These are some of the questions you must be asking before proceeding further.

What People around the World celebrate

So, before just jumping straight up into defining each theme, we decided to just bring into consideration the name of popular high school homecoming themes. In this way, you can pick the one that sounds just about right. However, make sure you are taking everyone’s vote. A mutual set theme is way better than an imposed one.

You can do an Evening in Paris, Arabian Nights, Egyptian Mysteries, Autumn in New England, Masquerade on Bourbon Street, Roman Holiday or Chinese New Year. All these best homecoming themes have an important factor attach to them as they highlight a particular geographical location. Wouldn’t it be fun for you and your friends to dress up like something different from your traditions on the big day?

Homecoming Theme Ideas

Below are some of the popular high school homecoming theme ideas and themes.

Homecoming Themes from the Movies

If you are not a fan of any other country or the idea of dressing up according to someone else’s culture then you can pick high school homecoming themes from movies. Many eminent Hollywood movies are used as themes in many schools around the world. Some of these prominent themes include Disney, Orient Express, Indiana Jones, any superhero theme like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Avengers, or Tinseltown theme.

Following so many good homecoming themes in hand, you can easily pick the one that gets the most votes. We also have a similar post, checkout Homecoming party decoration ideas.

19’s Era Homecoming Themes

This is something for all generations. July it be glitz and glamour of 1920`s like all that jazz theme, Chicago theme, the latest addition of Great Gatsby theme or the rock n Rolla of 1950`s where you can create a fabulous dance scene from rock the night away theme and twist the night away theme or it could be the all dazzling 1980`s and 1990`s themes to mesmerize your audiences. There is just one for every occasion for you, to make sure that you have the fun of a lifetime.

Homecoming themes from Imagination

Good homecoming themes would have tested your imagination and turning it into reality. Travel to the stars and fantasy world with these classic fantasy themes. Themes like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, fairytale and many more just to make your dreams come true and feel the power of your imagination.

Popular Cultural Homecoming Themes

Students love to choose cultural homecoming themes. Some choose from cultures around the country while some browse globally. Some of the popular homecoming theme ideas are:

  • An Evening in Paris
  • Autumn in New England
  • Masquerade on Bourbon Street
  • Mardi Gras
  • Bollywood
  • Arabian Nights
  • Egyptian Mysteries
  • Roman Holiday
  • Chinese New Year

Events and dances are the best parts of high school homecoming themes. They help in increasing student morale and motivation while engaging them in a great way.


Picking out the theme for homecoming or any other high school event is a ton of fun. Not only it helps to engage participants but also creates lasting memories. The material you use for decorations, invitations you sent and favors given will end up creating a memory that will last in minds of all for a very long time.

Look for the themes that allow more creativity. A good tip is that every class comes up with different ideas that can be mix and matched. For example, senior class can choose the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, while the juniors choose the mysteries of Star Wars and the sophomores choose Disney.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best theme for your homecoming event.

List the themes you want to choose from

Choosing a theme can be very tricky. Sometimes it is helpful if you can list down the themes you want to choose from excluding the unwanted one so that decision could easily be made.

What is your event type

If your event is formal then romantic themes such as Rustic Romance can be used and if your event is casual then you should consider going with likes of Casino or others.

Is it couples or group event

The formal theme is used if students are attending in couples and the casual theme is used if attending in groups.

Examine the past trend

Find out which themes have been used in the past and what was response over those themes? Do these themes resonate with students more than others?

These are some of the important things to consider to make a fine decision.

Show your school spirit with high school homecoming signs

Your school might have a homecoming event as big as the homecoming game itself. Such events need great attention. Show your care with high-quality high school homecoming signs. Grabbing such signs can create a great sense of pride and affection for those coming to attend the event. Don’t forget to consult your school administration about the rules to display signs like what images and texts can be included.

Let us explore some of the common homecoming sign ideas high school

Custom Practice & Tradition

Help new students and freshmen to understand the homecoming traditions leading to the main event and game. Make a list of events and any items that students should bring with them on game day.

Remember the Titans

This one is for alumni. Make them feel proud of their time in the school/college by showing their graduation photo compared with the current one, testimonials from teachers, trophies and other activities during their tenure highlighting alumni contribution made to the school in a glorious way.

Spirit Slogans

Boost up the excitement with posters carrying school name, the school mascot, and game cheers to pump up the crowd. You can use ribbons and ask students to wear them as well during the game and cheer for the spirit of the school and game.

Royal candidates (King and Queen)

You can showcase the queen and court candidates with posters having their class picture or any other photo taken around the campus for other students to get to know the royal personalities better. You can add their extra-curricular activities, favorite subject, food, and game.

Player Profile

Posters showing the starting line-up for the game, pictures of players in uniform and around the campus, their memorable game moments, and a brief interview could create a lot of energy amongst the teams and audiences. Don’t forget team coach and assistants who played their part well.

Dance, dance, and dance

No event is complete without homecoming dance. Create posters with decorative papers, stickers and handmade signs which shows and supports the dance theme. You can also include a picture of the event and venue.

For good homecoming themes to be successful you can also use few other tips and trick to make the event more memorable.

School History

Every school has a history. You can showcase it through mascot or in writing showing the changes and advancements your school went through over the years.

Student Life

Show daily happenings around the school. You can write about rules, activities, accomplishments, sports and other events. The list can also include

  • Field trips
  • School clubs
  • The cafeteria
  • School sports team
Student Spotlight

This can be as funny as you want it to be. Interview a student or group of students with some random interesting questions and create a comfortable environment around the event. The questions may include;

  • Name your school through a movie title
  • If you had a harry potter wand, what changes/improvements you would make in school?
  • Here are 10 teachers name, now as per their characteristic which movie character they resemble?
  • What would be the first thing you do if you are given the charge of principal?
  • What is the best-kept secret of the campus?

Remember to conclude all above activities well before the main event so that you have ample time to filter anything if required and take necessary approvals of administration if needed.

Homecoming is perhaps the most important part of any teen’s life thus making it more ever so important to have great theme ideas and decorations. The theme selected for the homecoming should have all the ingredients needed to make it successful. Of course, on the other hand, it is the people who are attending the function make it memorable and successful but you cannot deny the importance of supplies such as banners, backgrounds, and party props. You can add homecoming sign ideas high school to add a bit of flair and passion to the event, especially for the alumni.

Homecoming event is an excellent way of old students catching up with their friends, teachers and other staff of the school as well as making some new allies.

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