How to Host a Breast Cancer Awareness Program

How to Host a Breast Cancer Awareness Program 1

July is the month for breast cancer awareness program as all the women and men join hands together against a fatal disease. One in every eight women goes under the trauma of breast cancer, which is a sickness that we all need to be aware of. This month of July is also named as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is because this campaign is an internationally recognized one that raises funds and awareness around the world. Audiences who willingly attend this campaign learn about causes of breast cancer, prevention methods, and ultimate the cures that are available.

Why Pink Theme?

The reason why breast cancer awareness runners choose to wear pink ribbons all time around, specifically during the month of July, is because pink represents feminism. The color has been associated with the campaign for the past several years. We have seen celebrities coming up to audience via social media with pink ribbons on in order to raise charity for the cause.

If you are ready to throw a breast cancer awareness program, read the tips below.

Pink Invites

Breast cancer awareness is all about the pink color. So, pink it out and make invitations featuring the wonderful shades of pink. You can choose any shade from soft rose to peach, bubblegum, watermelon, fuschia or baby pink. Be sure to let your guests know what they are expected to bring or which theme they are supposed to follow as a dress code.

You can also choose banners to send out signals for the awareness program. If you cannot make one of your own, shop. Shindigz is a best place to get ready-made banners from. Use Shindigz coupon code: SAVE50 to save money on your total purchase.

Pink Dress Code

It is important to make sure all of your guests are following the pink theme. The purpose is to make everyone feels like a unit. And following a particular dress code is always a charming way to make people feel like they are together for a purpose.

Choose Pink Decorations

You are going to ace decoration if you are an artsy person who is always up for DIYs. However people who are preoccupied with other responsibilities can hire a team. Shindigz luckily offers a team that not only provides decorative items for the Breast Cancer Awareness program but they can also do the decoration for you.

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