Let’s Talk About Makeup: Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Let’s Talk About Makeup: Makeup Essentials for Beginners 1

Every girl, once in her life, stumbles upon the journey of finding herself searching for makeup essentials for beginners as a new addiction. We are one way or another connected to this beautiful creation that just enhances our features like a magic trick. Our kabuki brushes and beauty blenders act no less than magic wands. However, newbies need to learn a lot of things before becoming proficient, and a lot of practice that pays off gradually.

If you are a newbie who is just taking baby steps into this glamorous world of makeup then read on and learn from the tips below.


The first product in makeup kit essentials for beginners is foundation. Of course, we all need a little coverage to cover up the bumps and discoloration on our face. However, skins vary and so is the necessity. If you have a clear skin, then go for either a foundation or concealer. Use it around under eye, the corner of your mouth, and forehead. However, if you have acne and discoloration, then you should invest on both foundation and concealer.

Light Lip Color

Beginner makeup lovers are usually girls at their teens, therefore, try to avoid loud colors. You can wear a bold color by all means. But it is wise to not go for darker shades if you are new to this world. It is because experienced is required to flaunt a loud color. Our suggestion to you is that you should go for light peachy pink shades until you are sure you can sport bold lips.


All things are possible with coffee and mascara is a famous saying that is absolutely correct. It is a life savior especially for ladies who are usually running late and have less time to put makeup properly. Mascara is crucial for all types of makeup artists. It automatically lifts up your eyes and makes your face attractive.


If you want to go a little overboard and you are sure you are learned enough to play with it then apply some liner. Eyeliner is a makeup product that we all should be thanking every day. It completely changes up a look. You can transform from flat to fab by just lining your eyes.

Pro tip: If you can invest a little more, go for a drug store press powder to set your foundation with. Also, check out this Mascara Sampler Gift Box from Macys. You can get this $53 worth set in just $25. Shop more and get 25 to 60% off on your total purchase this Halloween!


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