Unique Gifts for Men that Are Sure to Win Anyone’s Heart

Unique Gifts for Men that Are Sure to Win Anyone’s Heart 1

We are back with our unique gifts series and this time we are targeting unique gifts for men as these are the most painstakingly hardest to find. When it comes to ladies, men are open up to a lot of options. They can choose from tons of variety of different things. And if all else fails, they can simply turn their heels towards Sephora to please their ladies. However, when it comes to selecting a gift for men, women often end up with the same gift that they have already gave a year or two before.

The hassle of finding unique gifts for men is real and we can totally relate to it. But no matter how impossible this task looks, we do not want our ladies to rotating the same genre of presents again and again. Say no to the most clichéd gifts and let us embrace some really unique gifts for men that can totally going to make them smile from cheek to cheek. If you are too lazy or an introvert who just does not like to get out and shop then it is completely fine. Some of these gifts are totally purchasable via internet. So, you will not need to force yourself out of your lovely cocoon.

Please note that these ideas are for men too. If you are too tired of hearing people probing about what you would want as a gift for New Year or the upcoming birthday, you can simply choose items from this list. People often themselves do not have any idea of what they would like to have as a gift, which is why this list is a perfect option for people who just want to get away with this probing question.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the discussion and see what we have stored for you guys.

Interior Design Book

If you know a guy who has recently been living in an apartment or someone who shifted to a new city then find a book like this for him. An apartment interior design book can help many in need who looks for her in terms of setting up their apartment. The journey is not just finding a place to eat and sleep but it should be focused around how much you are willing to put an effort in it. Since apartments are practically no less than homes, it is always nice to have a nice guidance around.

Some people just born with the sense of interior decoration, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Find a book that is up to date and that has some key instructions for apartments like the one your friend’s have. This will help open up several options to him and he could easily choose the details he wants to add or subtract. Also, most of the times, books like these come with special instruction on how to buy what and where to buy it. If your friend, son, grandson, significant other is just starting his college, this book on interior design will make his life a lot easier and organized.

Screwdriver Set

Men are the perfect saviors of our homes. Anything gets out of order or stops working, we see our men pick up the tool set and start channeling their inner engineer out. This is why we advise our readers to have a glorious screwdriver set ready for men like such. If you are a daughter who is well aware of the fact that her father just loves to mend the kitchen tap him or who likes to fix the repairs then this is a perfect gift for your old man.

There are screwdriver sets that come with no less than 150 pieces. So they are all in all a great deal, which means these tools can literally fix anything. From kitchen to living room to your garage – everything will be a quick fix with such a set. And not to forget that such a gift will instantly be liked by the person who is receiving it if he is an engineer, carpenter or someone who just loves to do every work with his own hands.


Coasters are important gift that can offer multiple functions to a variety of different drink. From early morning coffee to evening tea and a late night drink, coasters are forever our saviors. And especially when it comes to men, it is utterly important for them to have coasters. These amazing pieces are not just for the glasses or cups but they also keep the bad marks of cups and glasses away from our tables.

If you want to make this gift even more fun you can get customized or personalized coaster. Keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the person you are giving gifts to, you can personalize the coasters according to his choices. July be you can put the world’s map on them if he loves maps or you can simply print his favorite TV show quote. How about printing his own picture from his college days or childhood? It sounds about the right idea, isn’t it?

Bluetooth Gloves

Believe it or not there are some amazing Bluetooth gloves that are perfect for the colder regions. Ever get annoyed when gloves do not let you get the touch right on your phone? Well, this is not going to be a problem anymore. If you know a guy who lives somewhere cold and who is probably covered in snow right now, then buy him Bluetooth gloves. That way, he will never miss a call from you because of his gloves.

Not only do these gloves are magnificent for the cold weather but people who belong to the sports world can also use them. Even if someone is a travel addict who travels a lot or camps a lot, Bluetooth gloves will help them in every walk of life. They will not need to take the gloves off to receive the call once they have Bluetooth gloves on.

Superhero Action Figures

It is highly unlikely for a man to not be in love with any of the superheroes from the comic world. Apart from games, being in love with superheroes is the next and most important thing for most of the men. Just like girls adore barbies all their childhood, men find love in superhero and they keep this love alive even when they get older. And of course, they are not the one to blame as Marvel and DC are thriving each year to entertain us with some of the best movies from the comic world.

If your man is a superhero addict, it is time for you to entertain him with his favorite superhero action figures. There are several online websites that offer to transform your favorite superhero into an action figure that you can keep around the house. If you already know your man’s choice then you should already get one for him. This gift is not just a way of telling your man that you are giving them what they like but you can also show your love and support through a superhero action figure by letting them know that they are the superhero of your life.

If superheroes are not your men thing, you can get them anime character, Breaking Bad characters or even Game of Thrones’ characters into great action figures. If that’s not enough, you can also get your own man’s face on a superhero action figure to show them how much you love.

Jackets and Coats

Since the weather is still beating cold, you can always gift a nice bomber jacket or a coat to your men. This gift is completely amazing when one knows what the other person needs. If your friend, dad, significant other or son is in a dire need of a nice jacket or coat then investing on this piece of clothing will be the best decision ever. Jackets and coats are mostly expensive in a way that they are long lasting and require some quality fabric. This is why gift it to someone who is extremely important in your life.

Jackets and coats are also a good option because they have a longer life span. Unlike shirts or t-shirts that get worn off and faded easily, jackets and coats promise a longer lifetime. Therefore, invest on something from a nice place that is known to offer high end products. Recently, Ralph Lauren has announced a flat 50% off on its every product. We absolutely adore all of their jackets and coats. The collection is unreal and extremely amazing. So, why not you visit their nearest store or log on to their website to get some amazing jackets for your loved ones in almost half the actual price?

Remote Control Pillow

A lot of men are known for losing their things every now and then. They will come up to you and ask you if you have seen their keys or glasses. This is why, under our unique gifts for men category, we chose remote control pillow for men who lose things easily.

With such a pillow laying on your couch, you will not need to worry about finding the remote again because your guy has misplaced it once more and do not remember where he put it. Give this gift to the men who is dear to you and who is also a TV addict. So the next time he calls your name and demands a remote, you can just tell him to use the pillow instead.


Beanbags are the perfect and unique gifts for men who are either lazy or want to relax to the fullest once they get home. Of course nothing can beat the satisfaction that bed gives once you lay on it and close your eyes. But for the purpose of watching TV, eating food, or doing extra work of office at home, a guy needs something more friendly and comfortable.

On such times of needs, beanbags come super handy. Big beanbags especially are every guy’s best friend. They can sit however they like and go about their day. Also, big beanbags are a must to have when you are binge watching your favorite TV series. So if you know a guy who can use some extra help in the form of a nice, big beanbag then make sure he gets one on his birthday.

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