How to Cope up with Unsatisfying Situations While Shopping

How to Cope up with Unsatisfying Situations While Shopping 1

Shopping is a game that we all love to play but often the question of how to cope up with unsatisfying situations while shopping raise in our minds. That is primarily because we usually do not sign up for standing in horse-long queues that literally never end, waiting for our call. But these bitter sweet moments are part of what makes the shopping experience so challenging yet interesting.

Every shopper goes through some tricky moments while they are out and about shopping. Especially during these days when all we see is sales and discount offers literally everywhere. Shopping for holidays can be stressful. Apart from looking for goodies for your own self, you also need to take care of gifts for others. And in these shenanigans of buying sweaters for your sister, shirt for that secret santa at the office, and finding the best outfit to wear on your Christmas date, we all become tiresome. Not to mention going through the process of standing in a long line, under a heated rooftop filled with people.

But do not let these thoughts bring you down, because we are here with some ravishing tips and details of the moments you are going to find extremely pleasant. Even if you are not having one of your best days at the shop, do not fret. Just keep repeating these how to cope up with unsatisfying situations while shopping tricks in your mind to keep yourself distracted and content by the end of the day.

The Crowds

When one thinks about going to their favorite store because it has some great deals on for the holidays, one also dreads the endless crowd. It is true, just like you are out shopping to avail the opportunity of half price products, tons of other people are also on their way to the store you are going. This is why we see extra crowd, long lines at the checkout and what not – all thanks to the holiday sale offer. What you can do to cope up with this situation is to find the off hours where you can just barge into the store with less crowd to confront.

There are moments like the early hours during the weekdays in the morning and sometimes during evenings where you are going to find not many people out in the market. Keep these simple details in mind to avoid crowd burnouts. You can also take help from google by using popular times and time your visit accordingly.

Long Lines

Nothing seems more stressful then finding long lines at the checkout. You feel like the urge to just rush to the cashier, pay the bill, and storm out of the store immediately. Unfortunately, that is not how things are supposed to be done. There are rules to be followed and as much as we hate to be wait in lines, we have no other choice but to look at the positive sides. At such times when you are losing your nerves or when you are about to scream to the person standing in front of you who is constantly talking aloud on the food, why not use your cell phone? Check for inspiration.

If you have a goal to look perfect on a coming up event then scroll through various social sites where you can find cool outfit ideas. Kill the time by bringing in a book with you if you are an avid reader. Trust us when we say this: nothing makes the time fly as perfectly as a good book. Lastly, if you are not in the mood to do anything, simply put on your headphones and start listening to your favorite sound. It is better to ward off the noises with some tasteful music.


As much as we enjoy going out and shopping for the things we love, it is not for everyone. Targeting to go on full shopping for a whole day and setting a goal to finish with your shopping formalities within a day can be super stressful and hectic. Not to mention the fact that seeing long lines or crowded places often brings down the lifted mood of many just because they do not like to be around too much people. So, for instance if you have a long weekend ahead and you have tons of shopping to do, break down your shopping into multiple visits. You do not want to overwhelm yourself by going out for just one day and then resting for the next two days because your whole body is aching.

Mark your calendars and distribute hours of shopping. If you can, bring a friend with you to help you around. Better yet, make a list of all the items you want to buy, all the names of people you want to give gifts, and all the upcoming necessary items that you are going to need for the new year. And then divide your visits: grocery for one day, gift items for another, households for some other day.

Bathroom Breaks

It is utmost important to keep a water bottle with you as you go out shopping. Even in winters our body tends to dehydrate. So do not fool yourself thinking that the weather is so cold and you will not be needing any water on your way to shopping.

However, this whole idea of sipping water every now and then leads to bathroom emergencies. And some of us actually feel weird going out in the public toilets. But for the sake of your body, break this barrier and make sure you know the malls and stores nook and cranny perfectly well. So, if you need to go to the bathroom, you will waste no time in searching around the mall and asking for directions. If you are in a line, call a staff member and show them where you are standing, then tell them to engage the line for you while you come back from doing your business.

Overload Shopping Bags

If you are purchasing too much for a day, it often happens that we get tired of holding too much of the stuff. Not to forget the extras like our coat and bag that carries our cash. There are many stores that offer bags and shopping carts are usually offered in the mall. Make sure you get your hands in one of these while you start shopping so you would not need to look here and there with your hands full. Another good option is to go with someone who can rush to the parking lot and fill your car up with the stuff that you have already bought. This way, you will not have to worry about the weight of too much items in your hands. And this will also keep you from forgetting or losing your stuff for good.

Food Craving

Ever wonder why big malls have such tempting food courts? It is because we are tempted to fill our tummies whilst we drag the shopping cart with us here and there. Food temptation is okay but not okay when you are trying to lose weight or on a clean diet program. It is because food courts are usually filled up with junk food that are not good for our health. Even if you go to the mall with a full stomach, you would still feel the hunger pangs after an hour or so.

A brave way to fight off this craving is by bringing some nuts and protein bars in your bag. If you are not on a healthy diet but you are trying to save money by not splurging on any fancy food, make sure you have a bag of snacks with you. So the moment you feel like you are about to faint out of hunger, just start munching on what you have.

Carrying Children

For mothers, shopping is like a whole difficult adventure that they have to cover all by themselves. There is no one to help them so they have to be their own warrior. If you can, ask some friend or any close relative to babysit your kid while you are out shopping. If this is not an option you can work with then other option for you is to just bring your kid with you to the mall. For little ones, many malls have strollers that you can book. With the help of these, you will not need to drag your kids or hold them in your arm. You can also bring your own stroller with you from home if that’s possible. However, if your little one is a bit older then you can take break in between your shopping and treat them with some fun time at the kid’s play area.

Tired Employees

Holidays bring more buyers to the house. But the staff workers are just humans like us. No matter how nice they behave in other days around the clock, too many customers, jam-packed working hours, work overload can eventually turn them into disgruntled heads. And it is not their fault because they cannot be smiling all the time. Often, customers themselves misbehave and ask questions that turn others mad. If you want to avoid any such encounter then make sure you are going to the stores early in the morning where the employees are all fresh and happy. So that they can deal you with the most pampering attitude.

If all else fails, remember that you can still do shopping online. There are many retail stores that are offering quite amazing discount offers and deals. For instance, Macys is currently offering 20 to 70% sale on all of their items. Make sure you buy as much as you can from their clearance offer before the stock lasts.

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